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28 May 2019
Brussels, Belgium
EU Artificial Intelligence Excellence Centres

As stated in the communication from the European Commission on Artificial Intelligence for Europe and the Coordinated Action Plan between the European Commission and the Member States, while Europe has undeniable strengths with its many leading research centres, efforts are scattered.

To ensure European strategic autonomy in such critical technology as AI, underpinning most of our future professional and private activities, with huge potential socio-economic impact, it is essential to reinforce and build on Europe’s assets in AI, including its world-class researcher community, in order to stay at the forefront of AI developments.

Therefore joining forces will be crucial to be competitive at international level. Europe has to scale up existing research capacities and reach a critical mass through tighter networks of European AI excellence centres. The objective is to foster cooperation among the best research teams in Europe, joining forces to tackle more efficiently major scientific and technological challenges in AI hampering deployment of AI-based solutions.

This Face2Face Virtual Agora is brought to you by Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for information and communication technologies in Horizon 2020.

The Face2Face Virtual Agora offers a unique networking facility for all actors in the AI field!

Why should you register?

  • build quality partnerships for participating in the upcoming AI excellence center call
  • facilitate the setup of project consortia for Horizon 2020 calls
  • discuss and develop new project ideas on AI at international level
  • acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
  • promote your research expertise, technologies and know-how
  • initiate requests for complementary expertise needed for your project proposal

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